Our doctors listen very carefully to fully understand your needs with your healthcare issues, and then we work with you to design a Treatment Plan to resolve your Healthcare concerns.  We believe it’s much more than about and your ability to achieve the erection. Although most men don’t so we are Revolutionizing Men’s Healthcare.  Our number one goal is to treat your Erectile Dysfunction, Low-Testosterone and Premature Ejaculation but above all what is causing the underlying issues.

With over 15 years of treating male performance issues caused by hormone imbalance, lack of libido, andropause (male menopause or manopause), prostate removal side effects, diabetes or psychological issues we have come to understand that your healthcare should be top priority. By treating the underlying issues those cause male permanence problems you will start having Better Health-Better Sex, Living Longer, and Harder

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Our team will answer all your questions so you can decide if our treatment options are right for you. With our solutions, we are certain you will achieve your desired results on your first appointment. Every man is different and the little blue pill that’s a “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t help everyone. You are unique – and if you are dealing with diabetes, or prostate problems you need a solution that works for you each and every time. We understand how we can help to restore your confidence so that you can enjoy sexual satisfaction again. We customize formulated prescription for your needs and show you that it works. If it does not work you will Office visit is absolutely FREE.

Why should I see a Provider at Alpha Men’s Primary Care instead of seeing my own physician or urologist for a sexual performance problem?

At Alpha Men’s Primary Care, we treat each patient with respect, dignity, and professionalism.  The inability to achieve an erection, inability to maintain an erection, Low Testosterone or premature ejaculation cause many men to become dissatisfied with their lives. Many physicians or even urologists are perfect for other problems, but while they may deal with patients who experience your problem 3 or 4 times each month, Alpha Men’s Primary Care deals with only these problems several thousand times per year. Our specialized treatment programs are not only specifically designed for those types of problems. Our programs remain on the cutting edge of the available technology. Besides, we GUARANTEE results or your visit, Doppler Ultrasound and initial dose of medication are FREE! Your physician won’t do that for you!


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